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Finger dislocation is a common injury that occurs when the bones of the finger are moved (dislocated) from their normal position. Finger dislocation can occur in any of the joints, but it occurs most often in the middle knuckle of any of the four fingers.

A dislocated finger is usually obvious. The finger appears crooked, swollen, and is very painful.  It may be bent at strange angles. You probably won’t be able to bend or straighten the finger if it is dislocated. With severe dislocations, there can be numbness or tingling, and the injured finger may appear pale.

Treatment for a dislocated finger should be urgently performed by a doctor. Attempts to correct the problem yourself may cause additional injury. Dislocations may present as fractures, and fractures as dislocations, so having a thorough examination complete with x-rays will be the best way to ensure proper treatment.

If you are concerned regarding this problem, we can perform a detailed examination, ultrasound, x-rays and other tests as needed and discuss the options with you to find the option that best suits your needs. Contact us today.