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About Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s Elbow is a condition characterized by inflammation of the medial epicondyle, located on the inner side of the elbow. Pain that originates at the elbow may spread through the forearm and wrist. In some instances, this condition can impede nerve function and cause numbness in the small finger. While this condition is common in golfers, bowlers, and baseball players, anyone can suffer from this problem, particularly those involved in activity requiring repetitive use of the wrist or clenched fingers are susceptible.

Treatment strategies are highly individualized, and often involve stretching and strengthening with a therapist. Persistent cases may require injection therapy, or surgery. Several newly developed percutaneous ultrasound-guided treatments have become available, which have vastly improved the recovery time and incision sizes.

If you are concerned regarding this problem, we can perform a detailed examination, ultrasound, x-rays and other tests as needed and discuss the options with you to find the option that best suits your needs. Contact us today.