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About Mucous Cysts

If you find that you have a small lump between the last joint of your finger and the base of your fingernail, you may have a mucous cyst. Mucous cysts usually occur in patients who are between 50 and 70 years old. They are usually harmless, but may cause discomfort or nail deformity. They occasionally grow is such a way as to thin the overlying skin. They are often associated with osteoarthritis.

If a mucous cyst ruptures, it could cause bacterial infection in the joint. Therefore, topical and oral antibiotics are often prescribed for a ruptured cyst.

Occasionally, surgery may be useful, to improve pain, appearance or infection/impending infection.

If you are concerned regarding this problem, we can perform a detailed examination, ultrasound, x-rays and other tests as needed and discuss the options with you to find the option that best suits your needs. Contact us today.