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About Olecranon Bursitis

Olecranon bursitis is the inflammation of the elbow’s bursa, a small fluid-filled sac cushioned between the loose skin and the pointy bone at the back of the elbow, known as the olecranon. Symptoms include pain, redness and swelling in the elbow, often resulting in restricted movement.  The condition is normally the result of a single injury to the elbow—such as a high-impact blow—but, may also result from repeated minor injuries or from prolonged pressure from activities which compress the elbow, such as leaning on a hard tabletop for extended periods of time.

There are several treatment options. Your doctor may recommend resting the elbow, or wearing an elbow pad to cushion and protect the affected area. It is also advisable to alter your activity while you have this condition, in order to avoid actions which place pressure on the swollen elbow. Anti-inflammatory medications may be recommended by your doctor to reduce pain and swelling. Your doctor may remove the fluid from the bursa with a needle. Rarely, antibiotics or surgical excision may be necessary to provide relief.

If you are concerned regarding this problem, we can perform a detailed examination, ultrasound, x-rays and other tests as needed and discuss the options with you to find the option that best suits your needs. Contact us today.